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The purpose with this website is to support, promote and empower you as a woman in engineering, science and technology by sharing knowledge, resources and ideas. The site will develop and change over the following few months to reflect my and selected Colleagues’ experience and knowledge as Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior Engineers and Leaders in the field of engineering; and to share those experiences with you. Please connect with me by sharing your views, comments, research and events – I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr Hannelie Nel

Published Book by Dr Hannelie Nel

Her book ‘Leadership and Agency by Women Engineers in South Africa’ was released in 2015.

The book discusses the current and relevant issues that women engineers face in their work and daily lives in South Africa, as well as the challenges and reward that women experience and the motivation they have for their careers. We share with the reader the reality and truth of being a woman, working as an engineer, in a country as challenging and diverse as South Africa-and suggest solutions that government, companies, and institutions may consider for implementation in the attraction and retention of technical women. The format of the book assumes that of storytelling by nine contributing professionals and its intention is to highlight the significant and vital contribution that women engineers make as leaders and change agents in South Africa. I believe that their stories represent what all women engineers experience during the span of their careers and lives, and the book concludes with leadership qualities required for a career in engineering.


Dr Hannelie Nel is Director of Tennelli, a company  of expert Professional Engineers in innovative risk management with a focus on cost and quality (www.tennelli.com).  In 2018 she was appointed as Non-Executive Board Member of Denel SOC and serves as the Chair of the Social and Ethics Committee.  Hannelie is an senior academic in the Postgraduate School of Engineering Management at the University of Johannesburg.

 Top Women Publication

 10th Edition

Top Business Women

Featured in Chemical Technology Magazine August 2016

Public Speaking

Hannelie is often invited as keynote speaker at women in engineering conferences and professional events, and she participates in both local and international conferences.  A few of her former engagements are listed below.

2015 8th Annual Women in Engineering Conference:  
Keynote:  Transforming the Workplace: Capitalising on Diversity
Johannesburg, South Africa

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2014 5th International Conference on Engineering, Project and Production Management:
Keynote:  Quality Costing and Lessons Learned on Projects
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Visit the conference website here

2006 – 2012 Annual UJ-Group Five Summit and Excellence in Engineering Awards
Opening and Welcome Address
Johannesburg, South Africa

Visit the website here

2011 5th Annual Engineering Manager Conference
Keynote: Engineering Skills Development – Developing South Africa’s Future Engineering Managers
Johannesburg, South Africa

2014 UNESCO Africa Engineering Week
Event Host: Women in Engineering – Gender Dynamics
Johannesburg, South Africa

Visit the website here

2011 Africa Women in Engineering Conference
Keynote:  Is the Workplace Conduce for Women in Engineering:  Global and Local Perspectives
Johannesburg, South Africa

2010 Africa Women in Engineering Conference
Keynote:  What are the Challenges Facing Women in Engineering Today?
Johannesburg, South Africa

2010 SAWomEng Conference
Invited Speaker:  The Future of Women in Engineering and Technology in South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

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