Research & Publications

The following documents and links highlight current and past research in the field of women in engineering.


African Development Bank launches the first African Gender Equality Index (2015)
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David Cameron sets out plans to tackle gender pay gap
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Engineering survey reveals scale of UK gender pay gap (2014)
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Lego launches the first female figurines (2014)
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Diversity Leadership Group, Royal Academy of Engineering, The Great Business Debate (2014)
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UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2013)
World population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050
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World Development Report 2012:
Gender Equality and Development. Chapter 4 Promoting Women’s Agency.
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Female Power, The Economist (30 December 2009)
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FACING THE FACTS Women’s Participation in Science, Engineering and Technology (2009)
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UNESCO Report on Science, Technology and Gender (2007)
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